Name Address City Zip Code Most Recent Sales % change from previous month % change from previous year
Bull McCabe's714 RED RIVER STAUSTIN78701$51,365.97 (2014/03)+138%-17%
VALHALLA710 RED RIVER STAUSTIN78701$44,271.94 (2014/03)+162%-25%
THE BOILED OWL TAVERN909 W MAGNOLIA AVE STE 8FORT WORTH76104$55,583.88 (2014/03)+15%+12%
THE BEARDED LADY1229 7TH AVEFORT WORTH76104$51,468.96 (2014/03)-35%+4%
SUNSHINE BAR902 WEST DIVISION STARLINGTON76012$28,965.97 (2014/03)+16%+4%
CAVES LOUNGE900 W DIVISION STARLINGTON76012$54,718.96 (2014/03)+22%-2%
MOLOTOV LOUNGE719 W 6TH STAUSTIN78701$71,480.00 (2014/03)+29%-56%
MINI BAR AUSTIN607 SAN JACINTO BLVD STE BAUSTIN78701$72,451.94 (2014/03)+207%-56%
CHEERS SHOT BAR416 E 6TH STAUSTIN78701$211,388.06 (2014/03)+117%+11%
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